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Gallery Folders

Purple Dragons
Calypso Blazewing by sakimura123
Urusei reference sheet by sakimura123
Amethyst design by StarchildKiryl
Fire Dragons
Lexington Firethroat by sakimura123
Arthur reference sheet by sakimura123
TOD: Combustus Reference by Doomdrao
Valeon by Yazatira
Electricity Dragons
Blaze reference sheet by sakimura123
The Shy Scholar by Kyle1jk
Babu Electi by HibiWiki
Electril and Voltoria by rosefang16
Ice Dragons
Tiara reference sheet by sakimura123
A Promise of Loyalty by Kyle1jk
Ice Dragon Twins by Kyle1jk
Princess Flurriana the Snow Angel Dragoness by rosefang16
Earth Dragons
Eartha-Kitt Firestone by sakimura123
Old: Momefor by TheDeadlyMillipede
Terrador's Wife Willow by rosefang16
Demetir by rosefang16
Poison Dragons
Rasputin Reference by sakimura123
Guardian of Poison - Venima by SweetLhuna
Malignant The Poison Dragon : Ditigal by TheScorchingDragon
#5 Egg Adopt Hatched - Venus by rosefang16
Wind Dragons
Amelia Silvermist by sakimura123
Carnell reference sheet by sakimura123
Aeros Guardian of Wind by DragonCid
Guardian of Wind by Kyle1jk
Fear Dragons
Cassandra reference sheet by sakimura123
Guardian of Fear - Deimos by SweetLhuna
Flare of Fear by Kiwi-Chan269
Katromus ref by Tatyana12
Shadow Dragons
Nereus Blacktide by sakimura123
Kirin Reference by sakimura123
Alucard Reference by sakimura123
Inle Reference by sakimura123
Time Dragons
Father Time the First Time Dragon by rosefang16
Water Dragons
Guardian of Water - Lympha by SweetLhuna
Light and Healing Dragons
Artisan Academy:. Pearla by Raindroplette
Elementless Dragons
Raven by thejadephoenix1
Elements that are unique to your own world
Artisan Academy:. Corona by Raindroplette
Artisans Dragons
Peace Keepers Dragons
FC: Xander by StephDragonness
Magic Crafters Dragons
Beast Makers Dragons
Dream Weavers Dragons
Blue Dragon - Buck by Eevee33
Non-Dragon OCS
Skeet ::: BIO by FoxDragonLover
TLOS-ified Classic Characters
The Legend of Spyro - Ember by Minerea
Classic-ified TLOS characters
Cynder by Maria-Ben
Altered canon characters
StD: Ripto the Evil Wizard by StephDragonness
Legend of spyro humanized by Mirra-Arphelous
Element Lore
TLoS: Element Apprentices by WandererTamplior
World Lore
Map: Spyro Dragon realm- Land of Thieves by StephDragonness
Creature and plant Lore
Tremor Ref by Seeraphine
Crystal Lore
Egg Lore
''Pure'' Dragon Eggs by HibiWiki



Spyro-Lore is a group where Spyro fans can submit their ideas and characters, this includes; ref sheets, world maps, lore on plants and nature, element lore and much more!

Information can be found in folders.


:iconspyrobullet: Submit your work to the correct folder. Please do not submit your stuff to the "featured folder".
:iconspyrobullet: If you want a new folder feel free to ask!
:iconspyrobullet: This group is for both Classic and TLOS related content, not Skylanders related stuff.
:iconspyrobullet: If your work has mature content make sure it has a mature content filter, or else it won't be accepted.
:iconspyrobullet:Unless there's already a folder for it, sub elements go into the folder for the element you think they're related to.
eg: Sand goes in the earth folder, lava can go in the fire or earth folder, smoke goes in the fire folder, solar can go in either light or fire, ect.
:iconspyrobullet: If there is enough art of a certain element then it will eventually get a seperate folder.
For example if there turns out to be a lot of bubble dragon art then the element would get it's own folder.
:iconspyrobullet:If your dragon has more than one element you can submit it to either the "mixed" folder, or the element folder you feel they resemble/use the most.


Spyro Idle Animation by Kamoodle
I have decided to remove some folders to make them easier to navigate through and less cluttered.

If you have sub elements  such as lava, crystal, metal, sun, plasma, bubble, mist, ect, then you submit them to the folder that matches the element, for example if you have a dragon that uses the crystal element it would go into the Earth folder. A dragon with the lava element could either go into the fire folder or earth folder, this is up to you.

However, if there is enough art of a certain element then it will get it's own folder. (For example if there turns out to be a lot of bubble dragon art then I would make a bubble dragon folder.)

There is also some information in the folders now to help people understand what they're for.

If anyone wants to submit an element that's your own original element unique to your own lore then I am considering making a "unique elements" folder.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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KrazyKari Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like the idea of this group. Feel free to add any of my art pieces if you wish, I'd appreciate it! 
TheDeadlyMillipede Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
Thanks, and I'll be sure to!
JacobTheDragon Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016   Traditional Artist
So I could put some of my Comic Characters here?
TheDeadlyMillipede Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016
Yep, just be sure to put them in the correct folder
JacobTheDragon Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016   Traditional Artist
don't worry I will ^.=.^
and what about Time Dragons?
HibiWiki Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep yep!
JacobTheDragon Featured By Owner Edited Jun 26, 2016   Traditional Artist
Yay ^.=.^
and what about Time Dragons?
HibiWiki Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
so thats what we were forgetting.
Theres now a folder for that!
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